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This is a collection of fellow artists, musicians, charities and industry gear we endorse at Rockingham Custom.  Rock On....


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"I had the great honor of working with Ronnie many times & he was truly the kindest artist I have ever known in the industry. His music has always been an inspiration to me, especially while I was training to become a Ranger. Long Live The King of Rock & Roll.

Rest in Peace, my friend...."

                        Sir Rockingham

Ronnie's wife Wendy Dio works tirelessly to keep his legacy alive and is now the Founder & President of The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund. The Dio Cancer Fund was established in honor of Ronnie after his tragic death in 2010 from stomach cancer.  They have since raised well over $2 million that has been put into action for research to prevent, detect & treat cancers of the digestive system.  Rockingham encourages everyone to reach out to her and generously support the fund....Wendy may even send you a hand written thank you note.  ;)


RED BULLET COMICS is the legendary underground work of Steven 'Ace' McArdle, who is a visual artist and the driving force behind the metal band Sküll Hammer.  RED BULLET is in progress of republishing it's entire collection of graphic novels. Stay tuned...


DOPEY LOPES is a Singer & Songwriter based in Rhode Island. Dopey Lopes emerged onto the regional music scene in 1987 as the founder and front man for Two Guys and Another Guy. He then broke out on his own as DOPEY LOPES and is now the front man for  Dopey Lopes & The Up All Night Band. His high energy performances have been captivating audiences for over 3 decades.


He recently launched Up All Night Productions and is always Ready To Rock!

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Ricky Byrd crpd x g_edited.jpg

RICKY BYRD of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts is a true Rock & Roll believer and a tireless recovery advocate.  His recent song 'I Come Back Stronger' inspired Sir Rockingham to keep perfoming and to continue making a difference through Rock & Roll.

Thank you Ricky....

LIBERTY DEVITTO is the legendary original drummer from the Billy Joel Band.  As a session drummer, he has recoderd with everyone from Meatloaf  to Mick Taylor and Stevie Nicks. Liberty just released his autobiography and his new band The Slim Kings should not be missed.

"The Les Paul Foundation inspires innovative and creative thinking by sharing the legacy of Les Paul through support of music education, recording, innovation and medical research related to hearing. It’s also a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the Wizard of Waukesha."

As a life-long player of Les Pauls, Sir Rockingham strongly endorses & supports the Les Paul Foundation & their mission.

During the last 20+ years of global warfare, the Special Operations community has suffered the lion's share of the combat wounded and KIA in our US Armed Forces. For over 40 years, the SOWF has been directly helping the families of injured & fallen Special Operators and providing for full educational funding for the childern of our most heroic warriors.  The Foundation is 4 Star 501 (c) 3 charitable organization and is 100% privately funded.  Please support our hardest hit warriors and their familes...because Freedom is not Free.

The Sua Sponte Foundation is an all-volunteer 501c3 non-profit organization comprised of a small group of veteran 1/75 Rangers and patriotic civilians. The Foundation was created in 2010 to provide assistance to Rangers and families of the 1st Ranger Battalion, part of the U.S. Army’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment based at Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, Ga.  The foundation provides tuition assistance, medical & berevement services & transitional support to members & veterans of 1st Rnager Bn. & their familes, as well as maintaining the Ranger Memorial at HAAF in Savannah, GA.  98% of their proceeds go directly to program activities.  RLTW

"The Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame is a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating, honoring, and preserving the legacy of Rhode Island musicians, educators, and industry professionals who have made significant contributions to the national and Rhode Island music scene."


Rockingham Custom whole-heartedly endorses & supports the RIMHOF's mission to preserve & honor the amazing history of Rhode Island's diverse music culture.


Rockingham is honored to be a core member of Dopey Lopes & The Up All Night Band  with 2017 RIMHOF inductee Mike "Stumpy Nation" Neckitz, since 1997. Rockingham also worked as the stage manager and FOH engineer for Stumpy's Herbal Nation for many years.

We sincerely salute our friend Stumpy Nation on this highest of Rock & Roll  honors.

Helping our warriors and their familes recover.

The North Attleboro Firefighters KIDS DAY Association is a non-profit organization founded by the N. Attleboro Firefighters, their familes & friends. For over 3 decades, they have raised & donated tens of thousands of dollars for area charities & causes.

A message from

Sir Rockingham:


    "I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of General Colin L. Powell.  While serving in my first unit {3rd PLT, A CO, 1st/75th INF [Ranger]}, I had the distinct honor of meeting [then] Lt. Gen. Powell at Ft. Bragg in 1986, while he was the Senior Military Assistant to SECDEF Casper Weinberger.  He was the only general officer that day to interact with every [any] member of my platoon.  He spent genuine time with each one of us and sincerely engaged each Ranger about our names, individual histories, our military goals & aspirations, and lauded unfeigned praise on each of us for our perfomance during the complex operation at hand.  His candor, mutual respect and outstanding leadership made an immediate and lasting impression upon me that day, one that I carried thoughout all my years of military service and my entire civilian life since then.  Gen. Powell then served with distiction as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during  4 of my last 5 years in the Army, during which time he continued to advocate both for the Special Operations commutinty  and for the overall welfare of every man & woman in uniform across all 5 services.

     I had the pleasure of working for Sec. Powell again as a civilian, while he was touring the nation speaking candidly about leadership, personal accountability and unbiased service to our great nation.  Colin Powell is one of only two people to ever receive the Presidential Medal Of Freedom twice, the second Award was 'With Distinction'.  He always conducted himself as a true officer and a gentleman, a real leader, a level head in a sea of chaos, and a man for whom I have the utmost, unwaivering respect and admiration.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this sad time. He will be missed by us here at Rockingham Custom."


Rest In Peace Sir...

Rangers Lead The Way

To make a donation in honor of Gen. Powell to one of these charities endorsed by the Powell's, please click on the icons. Thank you.

SIR ROCKINGHAM is a Steve Clayton Endorsed Artist.

He uses Clayton Picks becaUse they are superior quality USA-made picks that give him the professional tone & control he needs as a player.




JIM WYSOCKI [Front] w/ Sam [L], Joe [CL], Nikki [C], Dopey [CR] & Rockingham [R] from the 2019 RI Les Paul Festival.


Jim is the curator of  LES PAUL - From START TO FINISH, a traveling Les Paul Guitar museum from Mahwah, NJ & a life-long friend of Mr. Les Paul himself.

He & Joe tour the USA with an incredible collection of Les Paul's personal Guitars, gear & memorabilia. Their mission is to keep spreading the history & magic of Les thru inter-active exhibits, presentaions, and the opportunity for everyone to play one of Les' very own Guitars from his personal collection. Every fan of Les Paul should reach out to Jim and either attend or host one of their events.

TOMMY MAHER  is a NY based Vocalist, Music TV Host & is a faithful promoter of American Rock history.  He has performed at several of the Woodstock reunion concert events and is a frequent performer with the MAVERICK SOUL BAND.

NEUTRAL NATION are Rhode Island's seminal Punk band. They were inducted into the RI Music Hall of Fame in 2017 and are a force to be reckoned with...


SORRY MOM  is an up and coming New England based queer femme punk band. All of their music is edited, mixed and mastered by their drummer Taryn Skye.  They recently put on an awesome show at the Knickerbocker Music Center in RI. They are touring the region in support of their new single I F#<&*dYour Mom and they ROCK!!!


2 of the best 9/11 Survivor and Family Charities still working to date to help the families that lost so much on & after that day.  Never Forget...


Please consider helping out a local veteran, service member or military family, or making a donation to one of the charities listed below, all of which directly aid our veterans and their families.

Thank you.

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